Gretzky's Album

Gretzky is a 7 year old, chocolate Springer Spaniel with a  gentle personality and big brown eyes.  Mr. “G” was born with an elbow deformity.  He had surgery to try and correct that but now the elbows point outward and have severe degenerative joint disease.  

He has pain, decreased range of motion, and loss of muscle mass in his left shoulder, which he injured while playing on the beach in PEI this summer.  Both rear cruciate ligaments are also injured. 

He’s coming to Canine Water Wellness for hydrotherapy to build muscle in his left shoulder and hind legs. By using the underwater camera, we are able to see improvement in Gretzky’s gait.  His front legs are getting much stronger, and they do not cross anymore while swimming; however, he still doesn’t use his left front leg on land. 

Gretzky comes swimming three times a week, and loves it!  Dogs tend to use their front legs for most of their power when swimming so it shouldn’t be too long before he’s rebuilt his shoulder muscles.  Certainly, he’ll be ready for the beach again next summer!