Kooma's Album

Kooma is a very cute shitzu/poodle.  He’s 10 years old and is very spoiled by his Grandma, and his mom, Susan. 

Kooma had always been in great health his whole life until recently when he developed a cough in his chest.  When Susan took him to the vet to get his cough checked, they sadly discovered that it was due to a cancerous tumour in his right lung.  He had surgery to remove the tumour at the end of August, and he began to have chemotherapy to try and stop the cancer from spreading.  However, another tumour was found in his spine and he had it surgically removed.   Sadly, he hasn’t regained his ability to stand or  walk since the spinal surgery. 

Susan is bringing him in for hydrotherapy in hopes that he will increase his pro-prioception and strengthen his hind legs, enabling him to walk again.  Due to the cancer, Susan realizes her time with Kooma may be limited, but she wants him to have the best quality of life. 

He always hated getting wet and avoided all puddles, so he really surprised Susan by enjoying his swimming sessions.  He shows excellent hind leg movement in the water and we are hoping he will be able to walk again soon.