Rosy's Album

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Rosy is one of the cutest and sweetest dogs we’ve seen at Canine Water Wellness.  She is a cream toy poodle having problems with her hind legs. 

In April 2009, she had surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament and a luxating patella on her right hind leg.  Her left hind also has a patella that luxates, and following the surgery it just gave up, having provided stellar service while Rosy three-legged-it for four months.   

After 10 hydrotherapy sessions Rosy’s ROM, balance and gait improved remarkably while swimming; her happy personality has returned and she is walking on all four legs again with the left hind kneecap back in place.   Mary, her owner, is very happy and continues to bring Rosy for a swim to maintain agility and muscle tone.