Zurich's Album

Zurich is a young Bernise Mountain Dog, not quite one year old.  He tore his left ACL and underwent TPLO surgery to repair it.  He was also diagnosed as having the beginning stages of hip dysplasia.  So, he’s a prime candidate for hydrotherapy! 

We needed to carefully increase his extension and flexion and rebuild the left leg muscles that had atrophied during recuperation. As well, it was important to strengthen his other leg which had been compensating for his injured leg in order to prevent tearing of the ACL (which often happens). At the same time, the muscles that keep his hip joints in place need strengthened to heal the dysplasia. 

He is a big, furry, loveable dog who has grown to love swimming, although at first he was quite panicky in the water.  As he learned to trust us, he calmed down and realized that he actually liked it a lot.