Spinner was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in the summer of 2008. One of the possible side effects of this disease is the loss of muscle mass. Being that Spinner was an older dog, he was around 12 and half at that time. Loss of muscle was starting to show an effect on his movement... <read more>

I've always told myself that I would give Kayla the best care possible and when the time came when she needed a little extra help through her golden years, I would do my best to help her live with dignity. The last thing I wanted was to see pain in my dog's eyes... <read more>




When she first arrived at Canine Water Wellness in August 2009, Rosy was very depressed, not eating and in pain; she just wanted to sleep on her mat all day... <read more>



Our Rottweiller, Kraven was diagnosed with hip dypslasia this past March. Researching the effects that dogs have and the pain associated left us very few options in terms of care, as he was only six months old and too young for surgery... <read more>