Kayla's Testimonial

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I've always told myself that I would give Kayla the best care possible and when the time came when she needed a little extra help through her golden years, I would do my best to help her live with dignity. The last thing I wanted was to see pain in my dog's eyes.

Kayla is 14 years old on October 26th, 2009. I started taking her to hydrotherapy around one and a half years ago after I noticed that she was losing some muscle mass. She also seemed to be getting stiff in her hind legs. Her vet recommended hydrotherapy since swimming is the best kind of exercise because it's non-weight bearing.

Even though she doesn't like to swim, Jen and Lianne have found a way to allow Kayla to relax in the water. It's a wonderful thing to watch your dog swim in warm water and in a controlled environment. It's another to see the look of pride on her face after a set. It's as though she says: "Look what I just did!" It's also amazing to me to see the look of surprise on people's faces when they find out how old she is.

I'm very proud of my little girl. I'm very thankful for Canine Water Wellness.

~ Julie Poulin