Kraven's Testimonial

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Our Rottweiller, Kraven was diagnosed with hip dypslasia this past March. Researching the effects that dogs have and the pain associated left us very few options in terms of care, as he was only six months old and too young for surgery.

But after having been recommended that we seek alternatives venues, particularly hydrotherapy, we jumped to it and we are relieved we did. Ever since Kraven has gone through the program, he has improved greatly: he walks better, his cardio improved, as well as his range of movement. This of course, couldn’t happen without the help and support of Lianne and Jennifer, the hydrotherapy duo, who with their enthusiasm and patience, has given Kraven a chance to live happy; he’s a natural swimmer that crazy guy!

Kraven will shortly turn one year this August 3 and we’ll continue his swim program. Until then, Kraven is proof to the virtues of hydrotherapy and will highly recommend it.

Thank you Lianne and Jennifer for your awesome and out standing expertise!

~ Your friends, Ricardo & Kraven