Rosy's Testimonial

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When she first arrived at Canine Water Wellness in August 2009, Rosy was very depressed, not eating and in pain; she just wanted to sleep on her mat all day.

In April, following four months of walking on three legs, she underwent surgery for a torn cruciate ligament and a luxating patella in her right hind leg.  Sadly, only three weeks later, her left leg gave out with a dislocated kneecap.  Walking became very difficult and painful.  

I signed Rosy up for hydrotherapy treatments and once she overcame her initial nervousness in the water she became a great swimmer.  By January 2010, after a total of 15 hydrotherapy sessions, Rosy’s left knee-cap was fully realigned without resort to further surgery.  She had regained the muscle tone in both legs, was able to chase the squirrels, and to race up and downstairs without any evidence of patella or ligament problems.

But alas, on March 8th, tiny little Rosy was attacked by a large black dog and suffered three fractures to her left hind leg.  Following removal of a stabilizing splint and homeopathic remedies for bone healing, her veterinarian, Dr. Ann MacEwan, referred her again to Canine Water Wellness.  Upon completion of 10 hydrotherapy sessions, Rosy was once again able to walk perfectly and joyfully!

Bless you, Lianne and Jen, for all your expertise and commitment to healing my precious little companion!  At every opportunity I sing your praises and encourage all owners of dogs with physical challenges to seek hydrotherapy treatment at Canine Water Wellness.

And Rosy says Woof! Woof!
Mary Houston-Lambert
August, 2010