Hydrotherapy & Aquatics

What does your dog need?

  • therapeutic swims for healing and recovery
  • exercise to increase strength and condition or to lose weight
  • to learn how to swim in a safe, controlled environment
  • to have their spirits lifted or to relieve boredom and pent up energy by playing water games and having fun

We offer the following, based on your dog's condition and comfort level in the water:

Hydrotherapist-assisted swims

Guardian-assisted swims

Fully trained hydrotherapists assist your dog in its swim sessions.

Following an initial assessment of your dog's physical and emotional state, its comfort level in the water, and the therapy goals, a program will be set up. Care and respect for your dog and its health are the guiding factors.

We welcome and encourage you to be in the pool room during the swims and participate in the experience!

You and your dog swim together.

Depending on your goals, whether it is maintenance of health, strength and conditioning or just having fun together, you can use the pool and wash and dry room as you wish.

You too can enjoy the benefits of warm water and aquatic exercise! We are always available to support you and dog during your session and answer any questions you may have.

Note: Clearance by your veterinarian is required. We are happy to facilitate that for you.

Swim and Pool features:

  • 5 feet x 17 feet hydrotherapy pool equipped with adjustable force jets
  • natural salt chlorination system – will not irritate your dog's skin or your own
  • underwater camera that provides a clear view of dog's leg movement and swimming patterns
  • custom designed cedar 2 level 'in water' platform for entry and exit
  • custom designed movable cedar 'in water' ramp for entry and exit and training purposes
  • temperature range maintained between 27 – 30 degrees Celsius (adjusted based on dog's specific requirements)
  • all sizes of lifejackets, head and ear protectors and dog diapers provided
  • walking aids and supports provided
  • towels, toys, treats provided